Friday, February 02, 2007

Now listening to:

Silverchair - Diorama
Ok Go - Oh No
Veruca Salt - Resolver
Pavement - Pacific Trim EP
Phantom Planet - The Guest
Polvo - This Eclipse EP
Superchunk - Here's Where The Strings Come In

Some new, and a lot of old. Borrowed Silverchair and Ok Go from Ace. I don't know where I got the Veruca Salt. Hmmm I wonder where my other Veruca Salt album (thanks for the cassette copy, Luis!) is at? Phantom Planet's "The Guest" was a present from Ace ages ago. I got the Pavement & Polvo EP's in Singapore in 1501. Picked up the Superchunk from somewhere, but none of their songs that turned me on to them ("Foolish" and "Home At Dawn") are on this album.


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