Friday, February 02, 2007


Backlog post from Jan 3:

After dinner I step out into the street and notice some of my neighbors staring at what turns out to be what was already a huge fire. At that time we were well into the renovation and so we'd taken to having our dinner across the street in the house we'd been renting for the language school and for Dine & Jam. The house on fire was right behind the house where my family was still laughing and joking while cleaning up after dinner! The next hour was spent carting stuff over to our house, and going up on the roof with buckets of water.

In the background: #29 Golden Street, home of Dine & Jam and of Shem Adonai Language Team. Behind that, what was once a house, now a smoking, charred hull!


Blogger indi said...

whoa! and whew! but i feel bad for the neighbor. glad you're blogging again jabes.

12:23 PM  

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